Top 5 plugin cache Best for WordPress

Top 5 plugin cache Best for WordPress

Among the ways to improve the load on your blog / website, save bandwidth and reduce downloads for hosting, perhaps creating a cache (or cache) is the simplest and most effective method. With WordPress, we have a variety of ways to create caches, such as: using a specialized plugin, editing an htaccess file and even taking advantage of the functionality of CDN services (such as CloudFlare). The advantage of using plugins is that in addition to the ability to create caches, they also support many other useful features to help you optimize resources in a better way.

* In this article, I will introduce to you the top 5 best wordpress plugin for WordPress up to the present time. Hope you will be able to choose a plugin that suits your needs.

The best wordpress plugin for WordPress

1. W3 Total Cache – Download

Howto config: Follow detail IMG tutorial 

W3 Total Cache is a professional caching plugin with many useful options. Its general configuration page includes page cache, database cache, object cache, and browser cache. W3 Total Cache with built-in CDN, CloudFlare and server options with dedicated Varnish cache. In addition, it allows you to minify data (HTML, CSS, JS) to improve the loading speed of the blog / website. In general, this is a reasonable choice if you are running the website on a VPS or a separate server. W3 Total Cache is not really suitable for shared hosts because it is … pretty heavy.

2. LiteSpeed ​​Cache – Download 

Howto install and config: Folow detail Video tutorials

If you are using a host with a LiteSpeed ​​web server (with built-in LSCache functionality), LiteSpeed ​​Cache is the perfect choice to optimize your blog / website load. LiteSpeed ​​Cache also has built-in browser cache, object cache, opcode cache, CSS, JS, HTML … and support for both CDN and CloudFlare.

3. WP Rocket:

WP Rocket is a great plugin to cache your visitors’ browsers (with image cache, JS, CSS, Web Fonts …) and web server cache to limit PHP queries. to the lowest level. WP Rocket has excellent CSS, JS and HTML optimizations, especially the critical CSS auto-increment feature (only on newer versions). This plug-in also has built-in CDN feature and is compatible with CloudFlare. WP Rocket can be considered the # 1 choice today if your web server is not LiteSpeed.

4. WP Fastest Cache – Download

WP Fastest Cache creates static HTML files from PHP and MySQL. It has the ability to automatically minify HTML, JS, CSS; aggregate CSS, JS files; Allows GZIP compression and caching of the browser. This plugin is compatible with both CloudFlare and other popular paid CDN services.

5. WP Super Cache – Download

WP Super Cache is a simple caching plugin, created by the WordPress developers themselves. It supports well for services like MaxCDN, KeyCDN but not compatible with CloudFlare. This plugin does not provide caching for the browser. Previously, it supports data caching in three different ways, with mod_rewrite, PHP caching, and legacy caching. However, the current WP Super Cache only supports only PHP caching.

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